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Dynasplint Reviews: Patient Testimonials

Learn how these innovative therapy products help you recover your range of motion quickly and safely. Watch Dynasplint patient video reviews and read encouraging patient testimonials.

Dynasplint Patient Video Reviews

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Dynasplint Quoted Patient Testimonials

Dynasplint Patient Reviews - Shoulder

On March 10th, I was introduced to the Dynasplint® for the shoulder and it seriously saved my life. I had 120 degrees of flexion, 40 degrees external rotation, and 90 degrees of abduction. I would lose it every time I left therapy and just the simple things like washing my hair and shaving were difficult, let alone trying to do my construction work. I used the Dynasplint® 2 times a day for ten minutes and working up to 15 minutes. Within 7 days I had increased my flexion to 155, external rotation to 52 and Abduction to 135!!I was so pleased and so were my therapists. I had more gains with the Dynasplint® then I had in therapy. - A.Q.

I had my shoulder unit for a little over a week…. I was excited because in just a matter of days I gained so much range of motion that I was able to swim and actually get my left arm up over the water… something that I haven’t been able to do in well over a year even with several weekly visits to the Physical Therapist. It feels wonderful to wake up in the morning and be able to stretch, to comb my hair and drive my car without pain. I love the shoulder unit. I get a good stretch with a minimum of pain and discomfort. I can do this on my own time without having to go down to physical therapy. What a wonderful and easy way to heal. Thanks so much. - M.B.

In February of this year I was confirmed with a preliminary diagnosis of a "frozen shoulder." My doctor’s recommendation was surgery to break apart the scar tissue and removal of the tissue to prevent possible recurrence of the problem. Since the images taken with both x-ray and MRI showed no underlying cause for my problem, I felt it could be remedied with a little more perseverance on my behalf. After following the exercise program outlined for me and using the Dynasplint® System, I am happy to report to you that I have made a remarkable recovery. My range of motion is all but 100% recovered and I feel certain it will be fully returned in a short amount of time. I believe this course of action has prevented me from having to undergo surgery! - K.N.

Dynasplint Patient Reviews - Pediatric Elbow

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. When my son Billy first injured his arm, the doctor told us that even with surgery he would never be able to straighten his arm or be able to take part in sports again. He loves wrestling and planned to earn a college scholarship. The news from the doctor pretty well devastated him. About two weeks after the surgery he began using the Dynasplint®. I know sometimes it hurt, but he never cried and refused pain pills. He insisted on wearing it the full time and sometimes he would put it back on himself for a longer time. The physical therapist couldn’t believe how fast he regained extension! He is now about 5 degrees short of full flexion and over 180 degrees of extension, and the State Greco-Roman and Free Style Wrestling Champion at 70 pounds in the 13 to 14 year old age group! Thank you for keeping a little boy’s dream alive! - Lisa, mother of patient; Las Vegas, NV

Dynasplint Patient Reviews - Forearm

I could not open a door, use a can opener, receive communion at Mass or take out an I.V. at work. I felt completely helpless- I was working very hard at therapy but seeing little results in supination. Upon a return visit to the doctor- he wrote a prescription for a Dynasplint®. After numerous phone call to the insurance company, doctors, physical therapists, etc. my “ray of light”, the Dynasplint® was finally approved and delivered to me. - N.C.

The Dynasplint® is a wonderful invention that allowed me to regain almost all of my range of motion. I highly applaud the concept, company, and sales representatives for bringing hope to those of us without. I had reached a plateau with my physical therapy that left me frustrated without feeling healed. As the mom of an active 6 year old, and career as a designer for 22 years I was feeling helpless since my range of motion was so stiff and limited. The Dynasplint® was recommended by my PT and reopened ‘doors’ I thought closed forever after my serious injury. Warmest THANKS to you all for providing the opportunity to regain mobility and my life back! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…. – K.A.

Dynasplint Patient Reviews - Forearm

I suffered with pain in my right wrist for years. It was so bad that I couldn’t do garden work, i.e. raking, shoveling and pulling of weeds. I was introduced to Dynasplint the summer of 2003. I would wear it for several minutes each day for 1 month. After 1 week of therapy I had noticed a drastic difference. After two week[s] of treatment with Dynasplint, I had no more pain. I now am able to do all the gardening and lifting that I couldn’t do before. Dynasplint gave me use of the right hand again. - D.M., Washington

Dynasplint Patient Reviews - Carpal Tunnel

I was referred to Meharry Physical Therapy after having had bilateral carpal tunnel surgery. Even though I had the surgery I was still experiencing severe pain and weakness in my hands. Also, I was I unable to hold items in my hand. I had several weeks of physical therapy with Mr. Meharry, during that time he used the Carpal Tunnel Device (Carpal Tunnel Dynasplint®) to stretch my hands. I could tell the difference after the first time he used the device, my hands felt so much better. I actually looked forward to my visits because my hands would feel so much better after he used the device to treat them. After my therapy was over I had no more pain and I was able to lift items with my hands and have had no further treatments. I told my physician of the great results I had with the device and suggested he refer other patients to Meharry Physical Therapy for treatment with the carpal tunnel device prior to surgery. I feel if I had I wouldn’t have had to [undergo] the surgery. I tell everyone that I come in contact with that have problems with their hands about this device and suggest that they speak with their physician about therapy with Mr. Meharry so that they too can have the same chance at pain relief as I did using the carpal tunnel device. - S.C., Alabama

Early spring of this year I had a few weeks of physical therapy. I am a part time Bookkeeper and a horse enthusiast and needed those hands and wrists! The therapy was a big help—the exercises Mr. Meharry taught me to do @ home were helpful and the carpal tunnel stretch device helped in stretching as I relaxed. He let me borrow it twice, once for a trip, once for a week @ home—[once he taught me to use it, I was almost perfect(?)] and the 10 minutes or so each day were very beneficial. I enjoyed the stretch device and the good derived from it. (I think it would be nice if one could be purchased for use @ home.) Thanks. - M.L., Alabama

Before I went to the Meharry Physical Therapy I couldn’t iron my clothes, hold a coffee cup well, push the buttons on my 3 ½ year old grandson’s car seat, play the piano for church, sew and type on my computer. Writing this letter would have been very difficult. I feel like a new person. Thanks for giving me back the use of my hands. My neurologist told me that I would have to have carpal tunnel surgery and that I would need it soon. Well, I didn’t want surgery so I tried therapy instead and I am so glad that I did. I can now do all of the things about. I would highly recommend it to anyone over surgery. Thanks to all of you. I now have my hands back. - B.B., Alabama

Dynasplint Patient Reviews - Knee

I had bi-lateral knee replacement surgery. My doctor wanted me to try a device to correct the extension in the right leg. I achieved excellent results with the Dynasplint®. I adjusted the tension to get more of a stretch and gradually the leg began to straighten. The Dynasplint® was easy to use. Tension was consistent, and I was able put it on (without assistance.) After ten weeks of use, between Dynasplint® and physical therapy, I have increased my extension from 25 degree bend to 5 degrees. I am extremely satisfied with the results that I have achieved. - E.M.

After three surgeries, the scar tissue on my son’s knee was so hard and thick that we were told that the knee might never bend again. The physical therapist recommended Dynasplint®. My son was an athlete and conscientious in its use, and the progress was immediate. Each visit, his range became more and more. The surgeon said that 90 degrees would be a lot to ask for, but my son surpassed that and was at 110-120 degrees the last time checked. Thank you, Dynasplint® and to our sales consultant who was understanding and professional. - D.N.

Dynasplint Patient Reviews - Ankle

In May, I fell and broke every bone in my ankle as well as the tibia, and tore the ligament and tendons. Needless to say, my recovery was long, slow and painful. After four months of physical therapy, I did not have full dorsiflexion and my ankle was rigid. Even at the start of wearing my Dynasplint®, when I took my foot out after two or more hours, I could feel a change in the movement of my ankle. It was the only thing that brought relief and helped me walk a little better. The tightness would abate and the flexibility would increase with each wearing. Now, after a year and my third surgery, Dynasplint® is seeing me through this ordeal. When I say your device is miraculous, I know it is true. I am living proof that a fall, which could have left me crippled, can be remediated when the correct application is applied. Every person with an ankle injury should have the use of the Dynasplint®. - D.M., Florida

During my training for the Boston Marathon, I began to develop persistent, horrible heal pain. I tried orthotics, rolling my heal on a golf ball, icing it, stretching it, or whatever to get my heel better. As a home school mom of three little ones, I didn’t have a choice- I had to get better. I had MRIs, cortisone shots, slept in soft boots, walked in a boot, but the pain would return with a vengeance. However, one night in the Dynasplint® and I woke up with very little heal pain. It was truly amazing. After four weeks in the Dynasplint®, I can honestly say I am a new person! Eight weeks ago I could not walk, and tomorrow morning . . . you guessed it. . . I’m hitting the pavement . . .5 miles! Thanks, Dynasplint®. - J.C., North Carolina

Dynasplint Patient Reviews - Toe

Very nice system. Received a consistency of the therapy that would have been impossible without the Dynasplint®. My sales consultant was very knowledgeable and thorough in explaining and demonstrating the system. I definitely recommend its use for therapy! – D.S., San Diego

I thought the product was great! It fit my need and it worked. I had great customer service from my sales consultant, too! – P.O., Spring Valley, CA

Your product was wonderful and should revolutionize medical practice. Within 3 months I was vacationing in Paris and walking at least 5 miles a day, painlessly! – N.N.

This works wonders. Good product, Good Service = Good results! – S.K.M, Encinitas, CA

Following my bunionectomy, I found myself in a post-op shoe, limping in pain, with no high heels in sight. . . for a long, long time. Being a fashion-forward 24 year old, I knew that my future consisted of sneakers, and then flats if I did really well. When the surgeon’s assistant removed my sutures, she said that I must grab my toe and crank it back and forth. It was excruciatingly painful, and I asked how many times I had to do that a day. She answered, “100.” I couldn’t image torture worse than that. I knew of Dynasplint®, and requested one. They obliged, and my Dynasplint® consultant fitted me with 2 units; one for extension and one for flexion. I wore them at my desk, increasing time and tension according to my instructions. They did not hurt me at all, to the extent that I was wondering if they were doing anything! Three months later, I am returning the units. I am back at the gym, enjoying spinning, Pilates and the elliptical without any pain. Best news of all- I had my final surgical check up and I have graduated to “pretty shoes” in record time! Yeah Dynasplint®! - M.P.

Dynasplint Patient Reviews - Jaw

I could only open my mouth 24 millimeters. Thanks to the Jaw Dynasplint® System I can now open my mouth to 37 millimeters and I can eat solid foods with ease. The splint was so easy to use. I could do my exercises while reading or watching TV. The great part was there was absolutely no discomfort or side effects. - J.S.

I suffered an infection and a hematoma after a tooth extraction and I could not open my mouth wide enough to brush my teeth or eat a normal diet. I feel that the Jaw Dynasplint® System was greatly beneficial to me. It was very easy to use and I suffered no side effects whatsoever to my teeth or gums. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to use the splint and I think it would be very beneficial to other patients. - P.F.

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