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Dynasplint Reviews: Healthcare Professional Testimonials

Watch video reviews and read testimonials from doctors. Healthcare professionals use Dynasplint products and have witnessed first-hand how these innovative splints help their patients recover range of motion more quickly than with physical therapy alone.

Dynasplint Healthcare Professional Video Reviews

Dr. Zinberg
Chief of Orthopedic
Hand Surgery  
Henry Ford Medical Center 

Dr. Gary Gilyard
Orthopedic Surgeon
Detroit Medical Center 

Dr. Brian Williams, DO
Orthopedic Hand Surgeon
Orthopedic Specialists, FL

Dr. John McGuire
Medical College of Wisconsin
Froedtert Hospital

Dr. Robert Coats II
Ortopedic Surgeon
WellGroup Health

Dr. Mathew M. John
Ankle & Foot Center, PC

Dr. I. Harun Durudogan
Orthopedic Surgeon
Southwest Center for Healthy Joints

Dr. William Payne III
Orthopedic Surgeon
WellGroup Health

Dr. Christopher Menke,
Ankle & Foot Centers, GA

Dr. Ronald Rook
Orthopedic Surgeon
Crittenton Hospital System

Dr. Stephen Perns
Podiatric Surgeon
Midland Orthopedic

Todd Ellenbecker - Dynasplint SHD Review
Todd Ellenbecker, DPT, MS,
Physiotherapy Associates 


Debbie Grange, PT, OCS
Physical RX Physical Therapy

Terry Walton, MS OTR

Kevin Wilk, PT
Champion Sports Medicine
Birmingham, AL

Kara McDaniel, OTR
Jim Integris Thrope Rehab

Ritchie Theriot, PT
Southwind Nursing Center

Mark Gagnon, PT
Iberia Rehab Hospital

Jude Sittig Administrator
Southwind Nursing Center

Liz M. Verhelle, MSOTR/L
Annapolis Hand Center

Joanne Baroli, PT
Integris Jim Thrope Rehab


Kenneth Orr, PT
Southwest Orthopdics, IL

Dr. Ramtin Sadid-Zadeh DDS, MS
University of Alabama, Birmingham





Dynasplint Doctor Quoted Testimonials

Dynasplint Doctor Reviews - Increase Range of Motion

Dynasplint® has been very successful with my shoulder patients’ experiencing motion problems. Every shoulder surgeon needs this in their arsenal for obtaining excellent outcomes. - J. Calvin Johnson, M.D.

Dynasplint® has always been my first choice … for extension and flexion contractures.
– K.D.P, M.D.

Dynasplint, compared to other products on the market, is much more effective and it is my recommendation that this product be used on all my patients. - Charles M. Creasman, M.D.

Dynasplint® Systems have been shown to be significantly effective in restoring post-operative range of motion flowing hallux valgus (Bunion) surgery and in the treatment of chronic plantar fasciitis and heel pain. Clinical study has been performed and has demonstrated a 50% average reduction in rehabilitation time and cost with the use of Dynasplint® Systems. - Darren J Courtright, DPM CT.

As a complement to conventional pharmacologic and physical therapy, the Dyansplint Shoulder System is my first choice for continuous passive stretching in treating adhesive capsulitis. The low-load, prolonged-duration stretch appears to be safe and effective method for regaining range of motion in the glenohumeral joint. Early and appropriate application of this device can be an excellent tool for treating joint stiffness.
– John Hyman, M.D.

At our busy trauma center, the Dynasplint Elbow System has been an invaluable resource in the treatment of post traumatic elbow stiffness. Decreasing rehabilitation time and gaining range of motion faster has been a great benefit to use as well as to the patient.
– Stephen Augustine, M.D.

Dynasplint Doctor Reviews - Cancer

I want to express the pleasure I have had in dealing with Dynasplint® as a company and my sales consultant. My sales consultant came in and introduced me to the new technology a couple of years ago. With my regular amount of skepticism, I listened and then looked over the Dynasplint® System. Having my background in engineering, the thesis and setup of the device seemed to make a lot of sense. Thus, I was interested in a few trials on patients. We started slowly, making sure it was safe. Quickly, however, we became aware of the success of the Dynasplint. Even in some patients who were two to three years out from radiation therapy, we were able to decrease their trismus and dramatically increase their satisfaction post surgery. Now, a few years later, we are highly motivated to use this device early after chemo radiotherapy with or without surgery. I am sure that surgeons could use this with great efficacy as well when dealing with the oral cavity and oropharynx. I guess I am saying I have no downsides to using the Dynasplint® and have seen tremendous upsides with even more potential noted. I consider this device to be highly beneficial to my patients.
- H. Tres Childs, M.D.

I am writing to describe my very favorable experience with the Jaw Dynasplint® System. As a Medical Oncologist who treats patients with cancer, I had long been concerned that a significant percentage of patients with head and neck cancer develop quite bothersome trismus after completing successful radiations treatment for their cancer. I recently was the recipient of extensive chemotherapy and radiations for a cancer of the oropharynx myself and about one year following the completion of radiation developed quite severe and limiting trismus. I had tried other methods to treat the trismus including warm compresses, some physical therapy and then Therabite device without much success. I have been quite favorably impressed with the results I have received since using the Dynasplint® System about two months ago. The muscle spasms in my jaw muscles and my ability to eat and to speak throughout my course of the work day have improved significantly since using the Dynasplint® regularly and I would hardily recommend it for individuals with similar problems. - Charles A. Henderson, M.D.

Dynasplint Doctor Reviews - Jaw or TMJ

I’ve been using the Jaw Dynasplint® System in my practice of Craniofacial Pain and Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction for over nine months. I’ve seen rapid, steady sustained improvements in all patients. My patients appreciate the custom fit, steady, firm pressure, passive pressure and the ability to use it at home or the office. It is a strong help in my physical modalities armamentarium. I recommend it for all patients post trauma, with limited range of motion or post-surgery. - Dr. Elliot J. Alpher

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