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Dynasplint Systems


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Need to return your Dynasplint® System?

For specific instructions, click below on the return label that was included with your Dynasplint System.




Unit doesn't seem to fit back in the box?
 That's okay, adjustments have been made to the length, etc. of your unit.  Call Unit Retrieval for help at 1-855-741-5520 or check out the videos below.

Note: If you have further questions regarding the return of your Dynasplint System, Unit Retrieval at 1-855-741-5520 will be happy to answer your questions when you call.

Thank you for choosing Dynasplint Systems!

General Return

Returning Your  Forearm Dynasplint<sup>®</sup>

Forearm Return

Returning Your  Shoulder Dynasplint<sup>®</sup>

Shoulder Return


 How to Return Your  Ankle Dynamic Splint to Dynasplint<sup>®</sup> 

Ankle Return

 Returning Your Knee  Dynasplint<sup>®</sup> 

Knee  Return


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