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Fractured Wrist? Now What?!

Fractured Wrist--Now What?




Patients' Most Common FAQ's:

1) How Do I Get a Dynasplint® System?

Dynasplint Systems must be prescribed by your physician.  If you or your physician or physical therapist think that you are an appropriate candidate for a Dynasplint System, then click here to print information to take to your doctor. If you have been prescribed a Dynasplint System and need to connect with a Consultant, then click here and the local Dynasplint consultant will contact you.


2) What if I live in an area where there is no Sales Consultant?

When there is an area of the country that is not presently covered by a Dynasplint Sales Consultant, our team of Product Specialists are available to help.  Each member of the team is a trained fitter and works with physicians, physical therapists, and sometimes directly with patients to set-up the Dynasplint System(s) in advance of shipment and guide the individual through the fitting process.


3) Will wearing a Dynasplint be comfortable?

Yes, because the Dynasplint System is custom fit to you and based on a low-load, prolonged-duration stretch. The splint offers a very light stretch and is comfortable to wear.


4) How do I know when to turn up the tension?

As your Dynasplint representative will explain, after the prescribed hours of wear are met you may experience post-wear stiffness. If the stiffness lasts for less than one hour, you may increase the tension by an amount suggested by the representative. Ultimately, you are in control of the wearing time and may remove the Dynasplint System. But remember: time worn=lasting results.


5) Why do I have to wear the Dynasplint for 6-8 hours?

Patience. The best kind of stretch is a gentle, slow and steady stretch achieved over time. Other approaches use shorter bursts of time at higher tension. This can actually do more damage than good as micro tears may occur. Safe, long lasting remodeling of your connective tissue is what will restore your range of motion.


6) Do I have to wear the splint for 6-8 continuous hours?

For a number of our units, the ideal time for use is anywhere between 6–8 hours continuously. However, as this isn't possible for all patients, rest assured that a wearing schedule will be created at the time of the fitting so that you receive the maximum benefit all while accommodating your lifestyle.  For example, you may use the Dynasplint System for two 3-hour sessions of wear throughout the day and/or night.  


7) How does the splint know where to stop?

The splint is designed to stretch your joint as far as your soft tissue (muscles, ligaments, tendons) will allow. The two springs inside the struts are constantly seeking your end range to create the greatest gains in range of motion.


8) If a tension of 2 is good, is a tension of 4 better?

When using the Dynasplint System the key to its success is the amount of time the joint can spend at or near its available end range. So, time is the most important factor to the success of the splint. Tension should only be increased once you are able to wear the splint for the recommended time.


9) How do I pay for this?

When Dynasplint Systems, Inc. (DSI) receives an order for a Dynasplint System from your physician, a DSI colleague will contact your insurance company to verify coverage. Most insurance companies cover a portion of the monthly cost for many Dynasplint Systems. Once your benefits have been verified, your local DSI Sales Consultant will contact you to discuss your specific coverage. During this conversation, you will be informed of the portion of the charges that your insurance company is expected to cover and the remaining percentage which will be your responsibility.

10) How can I differentiate between the mail I am receiving from Dynasplint Systems, Inc.?

Now that you have been prescribed a Dynasplint from your doctor, your benefits have been confirmed and we have verified your insurance coverage. You can expect to receive a one-time welcome letter and one ongoing peice of mail, an invoice.

The welcome letter is a summary of everything your sales consultant shared with you at the time of the fitting. This letter will also include your quote of benefits from your insurance company and all the paperwork you signed at the time of fitting. 

The other piece of mail you will receive is a patient statement. The statement is a reflection of the amount DSI is billing your insurance, what your insurance paid and any remaining balance that is your patient responsibility. Your owed amount could be from your co-pay, deductible or other patient responsibilities.


11) When should I wear the splint?

The Dynasplint System is only to be worn when you are inactive. This allows for proper positioning for the splint and the muscles, tendons and ligaments to be in a relaxed state.


12) Do I still have to continue with physical therapy and my home exercise program?

YES! The Dynasplint System is an adjunct to physical therapy. It is used to continue your range of motion therapy in your home when your therapist cannot be present. The Dynasplint System will make therapy more effective because you will not lose, and even will make more gain in range of motion between visits. A study showed that using the Dynasplint System in conjunction with therapy can decrease rehabilitation time by 53%!


13) How long do I have to keep the splint?

The average wearing time for our splints is 3-4 months. However, this can be greatly influenced by how quickly the splint is used after trauma or surgery. If the splint is applied within the first 100 days after trauma or surgery, research has shown range of motion increases from three to seven degrees per week.


14) How do I know when I am finished with the splint?

That decision is up to your physician, therapist, Dynasplint consultant and you. Then enjoy returning to activities that were hindered from a loss of range of motion.


15) What should I do with my Dynasplint when I am all finished?

You are responsible for the easy return of your Dynasplint System. Follow the Returning a Splint link for detailed instructions.


16) I just received my monthly statement. Why is the balance different than what my sales consultant told me?

Please remember that your benefits are only quoted and subject to review by your insurance company. Dynasplint Systems, Inc. provides a billing service for you. Your statement reflects any money posted to your account. Since it is a monthly statement, your insurance may not have processed your claim as of yet or they have only paid a portion of what they quoted. In either situation, it is the patient’s responsibility to contact their insurance company and pay any balance in question. 

To review your Patient Rights, click on the following link: Patient Rights (PDF)

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