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Dynasplint Systems


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Dynasplint® Systems, leading maker of dynamic splints, offers extension and flexion treatment splints for the wrist to aid in rehabilitation and recovery from various injuries, surgeries and trauma to the wrist and surrounding area.  Using the Dynasplint Wrist System at home in conjunction with your physical therapy program will provide the combination to help get your stiff wrist moving freely again.  Read the features and benefits, along with how it will help you and what to expect.

  • Wrist Extension
    Dynasplint® System

  • Wrist Flexion

  • Pediatric Wrist Extension
    Dynasplint® System


    Wrist Extension Dynasplint® System
    w/Padded Palmar Hand Attachment

Common Diagnoses


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 How to Wear Your Dynasplint System

Wearing Your Wrist Extension Dynasplint<sup>®</sup>

Wrist Extension Dyasplint

Wearing your Wrist Splint

Wrist Flexion Dynasplint

Written Instructions Written Instructions

How to Return Your Dynasplint

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