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Wrist Fracture

A definition of Wrist Fracture (broken wrist)

Wrist Extension Rehabilitation Device Wrist fractures, or broken wrists, are among the most common injuries and usually result from trauma such as a fall. Common symptoms include: wrist pain, swelling, and deformity of the wrist. To correct the damage to a bone, the wrist may need to be immobilized in a cast for a period of time, which eventually causes stiffness and a lack of range of motion. Rehabilitating the wrist takes time and often the patient can be left with limited movement as the bone and soft tissue repair. To restore full range of motion and eliminate wrist stiffness, physical therapy combined with the use of a dynamic splint 6-8 hours a day or night will speed recovery and provide a plastic, permanent stretch. The Dynasplint® System provides a constant low-load stretch that gradually and permanently restores full mobility and extension during wrist rehabilitation.


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