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Spasticity Management (spasm recovery, twitch rehabilitation)

A definition of Spasticity Management

Spasticity is a disorder to the central nervous system, in which certain muscles continually receive a message to tighten. Neurological disorders most often result in varying degrees of spasticity. The disabling effects of spasticity often interfere with daily living activities and can often result in pain, impaired mobility, sleep disruption, contractures, speech problems, limited gait movement and even depression. This muscle and bone stress puts extreme pressure on the body in which it was not at all meant to accommodate, therefore creating a whole slew of problems. If you are dealing with spasticity, you may want to consider wearing a dynamic splint, which will apply a consistent amount of tension to the joint, allowing the patient to relax into a stretch and open up the joint. A Dynasplint® System is designed to be gentle to wear for hours so the skin can breathe and a patient can prevent contractures due to the continued forced pressure at the joint. A Dynasplint® System remains flexible while being worn, allowing for moments of severe spasticity without causing discomfort.


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