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Radial Head Fractures: Broken Elbow

A definition of Radial Head Fractures or Broken Elbow

Dynamic Splint for Elbow FlexionRadial head fractures are common injuries and are often more common in women than men. Symptoms of a fracture include pain on the outside of the elbow, swelling in the elbow joint, difficulty in bending or straightening the elbow and inability in turning the forearm. The loss of movement inhibits one from daily activities, such as, turning a door handle, getting change at the grocery or even turning car keys. A Supination/Pronation Dynasplint® System (Sup/Pro) is designed to provide a gradual stretch and remodel the shortened soft tissue in the forearm. If you have a radial head fracture, you may want to consider using the Sup/Pro Dynasplint® System to aid in your recovery process.


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