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Humeral fractures: (broken elbow)

A definition of humeral fracture

A humeral fracture is an injury to the upper arm and bone which connects the shoulder to the elbow. Many different situations can cause a fracture, but most commonly these fractures are caused by falls. There are three places in which the humerus can break, proximal (closest to your shoulder), mid-shaft and distal (closest to your elbow). The proximal fractures involve the rotator cuff tendons, while the mid-shaft and distal fractures surround the elbow. It is important to keep mobility in your elbow and an Elbow Dynasplint® System can help! This system is designed to mimic a therapist’s hands and provide an easy and prolonged stretch to the tightened tendons and soft tissue. If you have suffered from a humeral fracture and are left with a stiff elbow, you may want to consider using a dynamic splint to aid in your recovery process.


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