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Foot Drop

A definition of Foot Drop

Foot drop is both a neurological and orthopedic condition. A person with foot drop has the characteristic “tip-toe walk” accomplished by lifting the thigh excessively and landing on the toe with no heel contact. Any underlying conditions must be treated before the foot drop can be addressed. In the case of a spinal disc herniation, for example, the lower back pinches a nerve that causes the symptoms of foot drop. So the disc must be treated before the foot drop. When a neurological patient has muscle tone, wearing a Dynasplint® stretches the patient’s gastro and soleous muscle allowing for the foot to be placed in a neutral position for gait training, achieving the goal of normal walking. In pediatric cases, a child may develop the foot drop position and a dynamic splint is very effective for stretching the soft tissue in the foot. If you have foot drop, you may want to consider wearing a Dynasplint® System to aid in your recovery process.


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