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Elbow Dislocation

A definition of Elbow Dislocation (hurt elbow, stiff elbow)

There are three bones that make up the elbow; the ulna and radius in the forearm, and the humerus in the upper arm. Ligaments connect these bones, keeping them in proper alignment for joint mobility.  Most dislocations of the elbow are a result of a fall with the arm extended to break the fall.  When the bones in the elbow are disrupted out of the joint, often nerve damage occurs and can limit movement, sensation and even pulse in the wrist and hand. After examining an x-ray, the doctor can detect breaks in a bone that may happen when dislocations occur. Recovery from this injury takes time and often the patient can be left with shortened connective tissue limiting movement and causing elbow stiffness, as the bone and soft tissue repair. Wearing a dynamic splint for 6-8 hours a day or night provides a gradual and long lasting stretch to the connective tissue and will restore the lost range of motion in the elbow joint. If you have had an elbow dislocation, you may want to consider wearing an elbow rehabilitation device like the Dynasplint® System to aid in your recovery process.


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