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A definition of contracture

A contracture is the thickening and shortening of soft tissue. The thickening of tendons and ligaments results in a stiff joint with limited range of motion. Contractures often occur after joint injury, burns, immobilization of the joint, damage to the nerves and some inherited disorders. In order to treat a contracture, tension must be applied to the stiff joint to gradually elongate and stretch the tissue. Over time, a remodeling of the tissue will take place and range of motion of the joint will start to be restored. If you are suffering from a contracture, you may want to consider wearing a Dynasplint® System to aid in your rehabilitation process.

Neurologically, a contracture is a shortening of the muscle, tendons or ligaments due to limited movement in the joint area that prevents normal movement. Scarring, damage to the nerves, inherited disorders and lack of use causes the elastic tissues to be replaced by inelastic (non-stretchy) fiber-like tissues. These thicker bands of fibrous tissues make it difficult to fully move the joint. Wearing a dynamic splint on the affected joint can provide a low amount of tension to gradually remodel and stretch the connective tissue.


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