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Dynasplint Systems


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Restoring people, business and life the way it ought to be.


Features & Benefits of the Dynasplint® System

  • LLPS (low-load, prolonged-duration stretch) technology has been proven to successfully treat joint stiffness and limited range of motion
  • Early application can reduce time and cost associated with range of motion rehabilitation
  • Simple, adjustable and reproducible bilateral tensioning system
  • Available for rent or purchase
  • Biomechanically correct
  • Comfortable to wear and worn at rest
  • Each Dynasplint System is recycled to reduce waste and help the environment
  • A Dynasplint Systems consultant will fit your patients and oversee their treatment to ensure the best possible results
  • Over three quarters of a million patients have been successfully treated with Dynasplint Systems
  • Conveniently labeled, easy to use, and online patient friendly video instructions
  • Available for adult, pediatric and infant patients
  • Most units accommodate both the orthopedic and neurological patient

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