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Dynasplint Systems


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Dynasplint Systems for the Athlete—


You should know that Dynasplint Systems, Inc. (DSI), the industry pioneer and leader in range of motion therapy equipment, has excellent products to serve the ROM rehabilitation needs of elite athletes and players on all the major professional and collegiate sports teams in the U.S.

Since DSI's founding in 1981, Dynasplint® Systems have been recommended by team PTs and ATs and prescribed by leading team orthopedists as an off-hours adjunct to standard physical therapy for their ROM rehabbing athletes.

DSI continues to serve the ever-increasing needs of the sports medicine and PT community, where the goal is to speed ROM recovery of rehabbing the elite athlete and major sports team player. Disabled list athletes cost their teams lost days, lost revenue, and lost games.

George R. Hepburn, PT, founder and president of Dynasplint Systems, Inc. said, "Our clinical research has shown ROM recovery after surgery, trauma or illness can be hastened by up to 53% when using Dynasplint as an early-application, off-hours adjunct to standard PT rehabilitation protocols." (Visit Dynasplint.com/research for research documentation.)

Hepburn continued, "Dynasplint offers more than 90 rehabilitation devices and provides a therapeutic solution for most ROM issues."

Hepburn, himself a PT, concluded, "Dynasplint has helped more than one-half million patients recover their range of motion, including hundreds of elite athletes and major sports team players. Currently, star players in each of the major professional sports leagues are using prescribed Dynasplint Systems to aid in their ROM recoveries."

While corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities are in Maryland, dedicated Dynasplint sales consultants and fitting specialists are strategically located throughout the U.S.

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