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Dynasplint Systems


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Neurological Dynasplint® Systems

The neurological patient is an excellent candidate for dynamic splinting and thus, Dynasplint Systems. Whether from injury such as stroke, TBI or brain stem injury or disease, the spring-loaded tension system safely accommodates a patient's tone by moving with the patient during episodes of resistance or spasms. When tone is challenged with a consistent, even force that fatigues the muscle and mentally relaxes the patient to accept the Dynasplint, the spring tension systems then bring the patient back to their end-range to continue a low-load, prolonged-duration stretch (LLPS). By normalizing tone and gaining range of motion (ROM) for the future, Dynasplint Systems can be beneficial for existing contracture patients, as well as, those new patients who need early intervention. A long-term wearing schedule is always recommended for both contracture management and prevention by delivering a daily program of ROM with tone inhibiting therapy while the patient is resting at home.

Some of the problems that can occur without tone and contracture management include: pain, skin breakdown, problems with hygiene, difficulty with dressing and transfers, and difficulty positioning both in bed and while sitting.


 Dynamic Splinting vs. Serial Casting


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