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Video on how to wear your Dynasplint® System

Jaw Dynasplint® System -

The Jaw Dynasplint® System aids in restoring physical function and more importantly, quality of life to patients suffering from joint or muscle stiffness and limited range of motion (ROM) in the posterior mandibular or temporomandibular (TMJ) region.  Patients who have range of motion challenges in the facial muscles or jaw area may be very appropriate for this clinical solution.  Oral challenges including: limited vertical ROM, lateral deviation, strengthening, and pain-free movement/mobility are commonly treated with the Jaw Dynasplint® System.   Functional limitations can be caused by: head and neck cancer, TMJ dysfunction, congenital/developmental conditions, osteoarthritis, fractures, trauma, infection, head and neck surgery, radiation therapy, burns, and scleroderma.

 Dynasplint® Systems have helped over three quarters of a million patients gain increased ROM and improved function by providing a low-load, prolonged-duration stretch (LLPS).  Dynasplint Systems, Inc. (DSI) has developed over 40 products for nearly every joint or extremity and has been an integral component of the physical therapy process assisting patients with ROM and regaining function for over 28 years.  The LLPS technology delivers a correct biological stimulus to create a permanent length change in shortened connective tissue. 

The system can be hand-held, but is more comfortably positioned with the counter-balance bars to enable the patient to be completely hands-free.  The internal tensioning system enables the doctor and DSI Consultant to select the appropriate force for each patient which is fully reproducible.  This enables the patient to fully relax while benefiting from this pain-free therapeutic treatment. Read on for more of what to expect and how the Jaw System works.   

  • Jaw Dynasplint System without Counter-Balance Bars

  • Jaw Dynasplint System with Counter-Balance Bars

  • Jaw Dynasplint System without Counter-Balance Bars

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What the Jaw Dynasplint® System does

The Jaw Dynasplint® System was specifically engineered to perform multiple therapeutic functions through its dynamic internal tensioning system and the incorporation of the physiological principles of low-load, prolonged-duration stretch technology (LLPS). Through the use of various customizable mouthpieces, the Jaw System may be used for various applications. Each customization is made depending on the specific requirements of the patient and objectives of the clinician, i.e., gaining vertical range of motion, lateral deviation, strengthening and pain-free movement.

Here is a look at the typical use for the Jaw Dynasplint® System:

  1. A range of motion (ROM) measurement is taken to determine a base line starting point for oral function.  

  2. The mouthpieces for the system are customized by a Dynasplint® Consultant for the specific oral structure of each patient, depending on their level of dentition and oral opening.  

  3. The customized Jaw Dynasplint® System is then inserted into the patient’s mouth and the internal tensioning system of the unit is slowly adjusted to open the patient’s mouth to their current maximum opening without any discomfort.  This is best done while the patient is completely relaxed and not providing any resistance. Based on the patient’s comfort, the adjustment knob on the front of the system is gently turned to determine the beginning force level.  

  4. Once the beginning ROM and force levels are determined, the patient will typically begin their treatment for a period of 5-10 minutes seated in a relaxed and comfortable position.

  5. Each time the patient uses the system, they will increase their time until they reach a period of 30 to 45 minutes per session.  The patient may repeat those sessions, usually with at least a 2-hour break in between sessions, with a cumulative goal of 90 minutes per day.


The patient should not make any increase in force until they reach their cumulative daily goal of 90-minutes wear time.  The Dynasplint® Consultant is in contact with the patient during the entire time they have a Dynasplint® System. The Consultant continues to provide coaching for the patient based on ongoing communication and instructions from the clinicians.

How to Wear Your Jaw Dynasplint System

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