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Lower Extremity External Fixation Dynasplint® Systems

Since 1981 Dynasplint® Systems have been utilized to treat joint stiffness and established contractures resulting from a variety of diagnoses. In 1988, the first Knee Extension External Fixation Dynasplint® System was utilized in conjunction with limb lengthening procedures. Since the inception of this product line, Dynasplint® has developed an array of External Fixation Dynasplint® Systems for the treatment of joint stiffness and muscle contractures from pediatrics to the adult patient. The External Fixation surgical procedure involves the strategic surgical placement of small wires, circular rings/ Unilateral Fixation, special connections/distraction techniques, unique cuts of bone (limb lengthening) and trauma fixation for various diagnoses. In an effort to improve the management of joint contractures associated with these interventions, Dynasplint® Systems apply a low-load, prolonged-duration stretch to shortened connective tissue. This technique provides a physiological sound approach to the treatment of tightened muscle groups and joint stiffness.

External Fixation Units Units

  • Ankle Dorsiflexion Tibial
    External Fixation

  • Ankle Dorsiflexion Tibial
    External Fixation

  • Ankle Dorsiflexion Tibial
    External Fixation

  • Knee Extension
    External Fixation

Common Diagnoses


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How to Wear the External Fixation Dynasplint® System


Lower Extremity

Upper Extremity

Cost Effectiveness of the Dynasplint® Ex-Fix System

It is extremely important to the success of the external fixation procedure that adequate range of motion to the involved joints be maintained throughout the entire process. It is possible that severe contractures could occur after this procedure resulting in the patient undergoing another surgery for manipulation. Additionally, adjustments to the apparatus including adding more rings or pins is possible. With the post-operative application of the low-load, prolonged-duration stretch delivered by the Dynasplint® System, a patient can receive an effective stretch to prevent such contractures. In addition, contractures not only delay the external fixation procedure but definitely increase the length of rehabilitation time.

The cost of the Dynasplint® System is minimal compared to the cost incurred due to contracture complications.

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