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Dynasplint Systems


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Ankle & Foot Division

The A&F patient is an excellent candidate for Podiatric Dynasplint® Systems. Dynasplint® Systems direct a low-load, prolonged-duration stretch (LLPS) directly across the joint axis using a bilateral tensioning system. LLPS has been used successfully for over 50 years to treat joint stiffness and limited range of motion caused by shortened connective tissue. The bilateral dynamic tensioning system safely stretches the connective tissue and is constantly seeking the patient’s available end range of motion.

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Dynasplint® Systems can be beneficial for both existing contracture patients, as well as post operative patients in need of early intervention. Early application of Dynasplint® Systems can prevent contractures from forming and help maintain range of motion for the future. Used as an adjunct to physical therapy, Dynasplint® Systems have been proven to significantly improve patients outcomes.


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