A True Inspiration To All

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A few months back I shared the story of an active farmer, Acie Griffith, and his tragic tractor accident. Living alone and still responsible for running his farm, Acie faithfully wore his Shoulder Dynasplint to reach the 120º of forward flexion needed to have a prosthesis made and fit to his arm. I am happy to announce […]


Keeping Young and Vibrant

During the winter months, it’s a bit more challenging to lace up the shoes and head out for a run, power walk or bike ride. More often than not, the gyms are packed from January through mid April with lines for cardio equipment. I’ve noticed that although the cardio area is full, the weight room […]


Meeting A Challenge

Challenger before final treatment

I’d like to share the story of Challenger and his road to recovery. Challenger is a goat, and for those that may not know already, our Dynasplint Systems are used not only on humans, but also a variety of animal species. This week we are talking about broken elbows and it just so happens that […]


Partnering with The League

In 2013, we were given the opportunity to come alongside and partner with The League For People with Disabilities, Inc. The League was founded in 1927 with a mission to provide individuals with multiple physical, cognitive and neurological disabilities the opportunities to gain independence through a comprehensive continuum of vocational, rehabilitative educational, medical, wellness and […]


Muscle Stretching Exercises for Forearms


an article from Livestrong.com Regular stretching improves flexibility, enhances athletic performance and often prevents strains or injuries. An effective stretch can prime your muscle for better function, stimulating blood flow to the muscle. With improved flexibility, your greater range of motion often helps to ensure the proper form for a range of sports and fitness […]