Still Here and Rebuilding Strong

Dynasplint Elbow Extension System Showing ROM

As Dynasplint Systems, Inc. continues rebuilding from a major reorganization, the most important message is that we are still here, ever continuing our mission to achieve excellence by incorporating low-load, prolonged-duration stretch (LLPS) technology into rehabilitative medicine. Throughout the year we’ll continue to highlight many of our products. With a monthly highlight of a joint […]


Physical Therapists Using Dynasplint Today!

Check out what these physical therapists have to say about Dynasplint Systems, Inc.    


From Infants to Large Adults, We’re Making A Positive Difference


Today I get to share this very sweet story. Below is a special child wearing two wrist thumb hand splints and a HIP unit infant size. Before receiving his splints, this child’s thumbs were in his palms and his hips were profoundly externally rotated with his knees severely flexed or frog legged. Thanks to incredible […]


Customer Service, the Game Changer

We love receiving handwritten thank you notes from satisfied customers. Nothing makes us happier knowing that our product worked for the patient and they were please with the results and customer service they received start to finish. Here is a letter I received this morning. Just a quick note to express my appreciation for your […]


Brent Wilson’s recovery from Ankle Tendonitis

Brent Wilson was dignosed with ankle tendonitis. Thankfully, his Doctor prescribed an Ankle Dorsiflexion Dynasplint System and shortly after his range of motion increased and his pain significantly decreased.