Head & Shoulders Above the Rest

July is Shoulder month, and as we focus on this work-horse of a joint we acknowledge that we ignore it until it hurts. Why is it that everything that we do to make ourselves groomed (as in beautiful) takes shoulder mobility? We get out of bed, change (ouch! nightclothes over the head) shower (ouch! reach […]


Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen: Once your feet go, so does physical fitness


A great read, so take heed! In 2009, 1,300 stilt walkers led by members of Cirque du Soleil claimed the world’s record for the most people perched high atop wooden poles at the same time. They must have missed lunch hour on Fifth Avenue when thousands of New York women teeter down the sidewalk in four- […]


Because S t r e t c h i n g is always good

flex ankle

Dynasplint Systems are often used in conjunction with physical therapy, and this combination has shown range of motion recovery up to 53% faster. Your doctor and physical therapist will give you the individual stretching protocol for your home exercise program. For those who want to keep that healthy range, here is a great ankle stretching routine from our friends […]


A Message for Team Physicians, Athletic Trainers and Sports Therapists

If your athlete is plagued by plantar fasciitis, then you know the frustration. Whether acute or chronic, PF is not just for runners. Your job is to get your athlete back on the field, and back in the game safely and quickly. The Dynasplint® Ankle System employs a Low-Load, Prolonged-Duration stretch technology, that keeps the […]


Avoiding Surgery

There are times when our patients want to go on the record because they are so happy with the results that they were able to achieve in regaining their range of motion with Dynasplint Systems. In this case, Sylvia Santos was dealing with the pain of Plantar Fasciitis. Her first steps in the morning were […]