Planning A Fun Staycation

Planning A Fun Staycation

Whether it’s budget constraints, health issues or the hassle of packing up for travel, many individuals and families are opting to use their home and local city as their vacation spot for a staycation. Staycations allow for locals to become a tourist in their own cities and explore areas that they wouldn’t otherwise have the time or thought to explore.

Anyone with kids understands how challenging flights and extended car trips can be with added luggage and children’s unpredictable temperaments. With a few tips and a bit of pre-planning, a staycation can bring a family closer together, provide rest and allow for lots of fun and adventure.

When planning a staycation:

  1. Visit the local visitor center and start collecting different ideas that are within a short drive of your home.
  2. Plan out each day of what that day will hold just like you would any other vacation.
  3. Involve the whole family in the planning. Perhaps your kids have always wanted to go to the theme park, or museum and maybe there’s been a restaurant that you’ve always wanted to try or has recently opened. The staycation would be a perfect time to plan those events.
  4. Set a budget
  5. Pack for each day. This includes bringing along extra layers if you get cold, water, snacks, sunglasses, camera etc.
  6. Get creative. It’s easy to turn to the same events that you’ve possibly already done in your local town. Think about small day-trip destinations that you could drive to, spend the whole day and then return home at bed-time. If you’re really planning ahead, you could even pack lunch and then enjoy a dinner out or since you are on vacation, maybe two meals out that day is just all part of the fun and treat!

You may be tempted to think that an at-home vacation should be spontaneous and doesn’t need a lot of extra planning. However, that isn’t the benefit of a staycation. When you have a family, it’s important to do the legwork and plan your time whether you’re home or far away. Since you are home, chores, and other responsibilities can easily creep in if you’re not following a schedule. Keep in mind that schedule can include sleeping in, reading the newspaper, or your favorite book, and working out. It’s vacation after all, and so whatever it is that you enjoy most about a vacation, you should incorporate into your staycation. Now all you need to do is start planning and then enjoy all the benefits of time away without the hassle of travel and ballooning expenses.

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