One Bite At A Time

February is National Hearth Month. It’s safe to say (and even proven) that how we fuel our bodies today can and will affect our heart health tomorrow. Need some motivation? Studies show that up to seventy percent of heart disease cases can be prevented with the right food choices. Eating healthy and making smart choices is your choice.

Here are a few tips to get on the path to a healthier heart:

  • Read labels. Even if it looks like a health food, unhealthy ingredients could have found their way in packaged foods. Select foods with the lowest amounts of sodium, added sugars, saturated and trans fat. Avoid all partially hydrogenated oils.
  • Watch your calorie intake. Maintaining proper weight is a simple equation of whatever is consumed, must be burned! Eat more calories than you expend and you will quickly be on the path to weight gain. If you need to lose weight, it’s important to expend more calories than you consume.
  • Watch Snacks. It’s easy to loose count of how many “handfuls” of chips you’ve consumed. Keep healthy snacks available and in portion controlled packages to put a limit on how much you eat.
  • Cook meals at home. It’s a lot easier to limit salt and portions when you cook and serve the meal yourself.
  • Eat a wide variety. Your body needs a variety fruits, vegetables and whole grains to receive all the nutrients it needs to function well. Avoid boredom by trying new flavor combinations or picking up farro and quinoa rather than rice and pasta.
  • Make it fun. Food should be tasty and healthy, so enjoy cooking up a big pot of vegetable minestrone or stir fry with pesto salmon on top. Cooking can be fun when shared with family and friends.
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