Be Your Own Health Advocate

Taking initiative and being proactive in your own health is a topic we feel strongly about. Throughout May, the American Recall Center, is celebrating World Health and the importance of living healthy. The American Recall Center spends a great deal of effort educating consumers about medication safety, inspiring good health and providing up-to-date FDA information.

I prioritize my health, eating a wide variety of whole foods, exercising daily, avoiding too much sun, I don’t smoke and thankfully as a result of good health behaviors, I’m not on any medications. A few years ago we started doing annual comprehensive health screenings at work. This blood draw took 5 minutes, but provided me with a full document that covered my cholesterol, thyroid, vitamin D levels, glucose and so many critical factors of my health. I was so thankful to have a baseline on my health and know what was going on inside my body. We have stopped doing the screenings at work, but I’ve decided to keep up an annual physical with my doctor and to also request a full blood draw and screening. Each year I get to see the changes and what direction they are going in – better or worse? And then make the necessary changes from there.

Part of the screening that I love the most is getting to see everything myself and having the ability to compare my latest results with the prior year. I then meet with my doctor and am able to go over the results in detail, ask questions and receive guidance. I make it a point to always come with a couple of questions for the doctor.

I urge you all to take charge in your own life and know what is going on in your body and where your health state is today. Knowledge is power and you may discover that with a few lifestyle changes, you can go off a daily medication or you’ll catch something that thankfully can be controlled through a life-saving medication before further complications occur.

Be proactive, know about your health and take steps to learn more about how you can be your best and healthiest self!

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