Still Here and Rebuilding Strong

As Dynasplint Systems, Inc. continues rebuilding from a major reorganization, the most important message is that we are still here, ever continuing our mission to achieve excellence by incorporating low-load, prolonged-duration stretch (LLPS) technology into rehabilitative medicine.

Dynasplint Elbow Extension System Showing ROMThroughout the year we’ll continue to highlight many of our products.

With a monthly highlight of a joint we are able to showcase the splints associated with that joint.  We will continue this practice so that we can share all that we have to offer the patient that needs help regaining their range of motion faster in a safe and cost-effective way.  In addition, we are able to show what we can offer the practitioner – an adjunct to physical therapy from a company that provides the product, product fitting and instruction, follow-up care, splint adjustment and protocol development, insurance verification, billing, etc.

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