Forearm Supination and Pronation

Supination and pronation are the two directions in which our forearms move.  An easy way to remember which direction is which is this:  when your arm is supinating you could actually hold soup in your hand.

These are definitely ranges of motion we take for granted.  Simple activities like opening a door, carrying a plate, starting a car, brushing our hair–these are all activities that are affected by limited range of motion in the forearm.

Throughout November we’ll focus on the forearm and some of the conditions that can cause range of motion problems like a radial head fracture.  This is a common injury sustained when trying to break a fall and happens more often in women then in men.  There are actually three levels of fractures and are classified based on severity.  Bottom line is that even the simplest of fractures will most likely result in some loss of range of motion which is where therapy and the Dynasplint will be helpful to get back to normal activities.

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  1. susan says:

    Looking for a dyna splint for my left arm paralysis as a result from having an ischemic stroke 7 years ago – could you help me with this? Thank you

  2. Karen says:

    Hello, Susan.

    Please provide me with the city and state in which you live so that I can help you get in touch with your local representative.

    Kind regards,
    Direct email:

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