Rehab After A Mastectomy

Most mastectomies, the partial or complete surgical removal of one or both breasts, either are done to treat breast cancer patients or as a preventative measure for those individuals whom are believed to be at high risk for breast cancer. After the surgical removal, the affected side’s chest tissue tightens and often the patient is left stiff and develops limited movement of the tight shoulder. Doctors will often recommend at home excersizes to help prevent stiffness and scar tissue from building up. In addition to the home exercises,  range of motion can be safely regained through wearing a Shoulder Dynasplint System. The Shoulder Dynasplint System will gradually stretch the soft tissue and lengthen any shortened tendons and musceles to allow movement in the arm comfortably again.

If you’ve had a mastectomy and are experiencing limited movement in one or both arms, you may want to consider checking out our Dynasplint System to help through the rebailitation process.



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