Don’t Just Throw Away, Recycle!

With Technology changing by the minute, new cell phones are constantly coming out for sale and we all want the latest and greatest smart phones. Ever wonder what to do with your old cell phones? Here at Dynasplint, colleagues donate their used cell phones to provide free calling cards for active duty military members and veterans.

Cell Phones For Soldiers,  founded by Rob and Brittany Bergquist, has worked to keep military families connected by providing FREE communication tools.

Since being founded in 2004. Cell Phones for Soldiers…

  • have provided 181 million minutes of free talk time
  • mails approximately 12,000 calling cards each week
  • recycled more than 10.8 million cell phones, reducing impact on the landfills
  • in July 2012 launched Helping Heroes Home

Next time your ready to upgrade phones, think about how donating your old phone can help keep our military families better connected!

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