The Most Painful Surgery. . . Bunions. . . Fact or Fiction?

Many thanks to our guest blogger,  Christopher R.D. Menke, DPM, FACFAS of the Ankle & Foot Centers of Georgia

The most common misconceptions I hear from patients considering bunion surgery is the level of post-operative pain. “My friend had bunion surgery and she said it was worse than childbirth” and “I heard that bunion surgery is really, really painful” are typical comments I hear that express the common fear of pain associated with having bunion surgery. This is unfortunate as most patients who proceed with the surgery do just fine and believe it or not, actually have a relatively good experience!

The first thing that patients should take into consideration is that comparing your potential surgery to what you may have heard is not comparing apples to apples. As I explain to patients, not everybody has the same situation, meaning your foot is different from your friend’s foot. So is your level of pain tolerance, ability to tolerate medicines, compliance level, and you probably are seeing a different physician. As with most things in life, there are many different ways to do the same thing, and this is true with bunion surgery as well. There are different surgical procedures based on the severity of the bunion, different techniques, and different surgical skill levels. Additionally, devices are available from Dynasplint that can help patients achieve improved range of motion, which in return can also help decrease pain.

So, for those patients who have been scared out of doing bunion surgery because of negative word of mouth experiences, speak with a professional that specializes in corrective bunion surgery who can communicate the full experience to you. Don’t be afraid to research your physician’s certifications and getting a second and even third opinion, will give you an even better appreciation of what to expect. Remember to tell your friends that the experience was better than expected, while showing off your bunion free foot!

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