Tibial Plateau Fracture & the ROM Challenge

Thanks to today’s guest blogger, Neal Church, PT

As a physical therapist, I love a challenge. One of my most formidable challenges is patients with tibial plateau fractures. Tibial plateau fractures are one of the most frustrating injuries for patients because it is such a long-drawn-out process. These fractures occur at the top of the tibia, or shin bone, which is a primary weight-bearing surface. Tibial plateau fractures are treated differently than fractures of the tibial shaft. When treating tibial plateau fractures, cartilage covers the top of the tibial plateau, which must be protected after these injuries in order to prevent arthritis. If the fracture is displaced, or isn’t lined up perfectly, the patient usually will need an open reduction internal fixation (ORIF). This means the surgeon will open the knee and use hardware, i.e., screw and plates, to hold the fractured bone in place. Whether displaced or non-displaced, the patient is usually non-weight bearing for an extended period of time, which lasts as long as three months. Additionally, if the meniscus is involved, the physician may immobilize the patient for an extended period of time as well. All of this adds up to a very stiff knee!

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Regaining range of motion (ROM) is at the top of the list in rehab and does not come easily. Performing patellar joint mobilizations as soon as possible and establishing a solid home exercise program is vital. Gait training is always a part of the patient’s plan of care which progresses the patient from using a walker, to a cane, to independently ambulating without an assisted device. The gait training emphasizes heal strike, which is why straightening the knee is so crucial. Flexion, or bending the knee, can also be quite challenging and can make it difficult for the patient to go down steps, stand up from a sitting position, tie shoes and dress. Physical therapy visits are sometimes limited and there is much to be done while the patient is in the clinic. Utilizing time outside the clinic to regain ROM is crucial. A great modality that can be used at home is a Dynasplint. Dynasplint Knee Systems stretch the patient into extension or flexion and are available for every size patient. Remember, you can always wait to start strengthening, but you can’t wait to regain ROM. The longer you wait to regain ROM , the harder it will be.

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  1. Marie Leclerc says:

    I had to regain Range of Motion after a shoulder injury

  2. Debbie Kennedy says:

    My friend has been dealing with a bad knee for a few years now and finally has been given approval for knee surgery. This would be a great surprise for her after she has her surgery so she can regain her range of motion. Might even get me to the gym with her!

  3. Debbie R says:

    The most important and the most challenging aspect of tibial fracture post operative is regaining range of motion.

  4. Tim says:

    After a prolonged period of time altering the way you walk to accommodate an injury, it does become harder to regain the original range of motion.

  5. Shannon Baas says:

    My range of motion isn’t very good.

  6. WandaB says:

    Range of motion is so important. So thankful there are ways to help people whose range of motion isn’t so great. Would love the opportunity to win this backpack. Looks awesome!!

  7. andrew gordon says:

    i run a lot, and y range of motion is helped by yoga.

  8. mistee dawn says:

    range of motion.

  9. Polly says:

    my son has had 2knee surgeries. Me can always use a backpack.

  10. annakynard says:


  11. christine weideman says:

    My husband still struggles with range of motion in his shoulder

  12. christine weideman says:

    I struggle with range of motiion on my knee alot. Thanks fo the giveaway!

  13. Rebecca says:

    Thankfully, I’ve never had an injury that limits my range of motion.

  14. The range of motion article on the knee was very interesting and informative.

  15. Jennifer says:

    I tore my rotator cuff in my shoulder last year, I had a complete overhaul in surgery, and now, my range of motion is back!

  16. Marlene V says:

    Thanks for the chance to win. I don’t think I have great range of motion in my knees!

  17. Serena Powell says:

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway as well as teaching me about “range of motion.” I have made the decision to start working out so I could get healthy. This bag would help me out a lot when I want to go to the gym (so I won’t get all my clothes sweaty.)

  18. Tina F says:

    I would love to win this and thank you for the opportunity range of motion

  19. judee says:

    Range of Motion can be improved through physical therapy by focusing on range of motion exercises.

  20. Mary Agloro says:

    Good article. I try to keep my ROM good by doing ROM exercises daily.

  21. jen wexler says:

    range of motion

  22. Eva Mack says:

    Range of Motion helps

  23. Melanie says:

    I know that regaining range of motion is no easy feat! My mom had hip surgery a couple of years ago, and this was probably her hardest task!

  24. Seth L says:

    Very interesting article! I would really love to be able to get this bag, as it would help improve my range of motion! Thanks!!

  25. Donna L says:

    I got range of motion. Thanks for the giveway.

  26. NGS says:

    I have a tib/fib fracture that is currently healing. My husband and I do range of motion exercises three times a day.

  27. tracy simms says:

    RANGE OF MOTION–Yes, I need to improve mine!
    Thanks for the contest!

  28. Theresa J says:

    “range of motion.” exercises are so important

  29. Sam Stanley says:

    With the new under armor bag I could really get my range of motion back!

  30. jodi leah baird says:

    range of motion

  31. Nancey Summers says:

    I have a form of RA and r.o.m therapy would be great to help my healing process. It is difficult to go through life without a way to make the pain and stiffness go away. This looks like a great way to do that.

  32. Cynthia M says:

    The longer you wait to regaim range of motion, the harder it will be!

  33. cw says:

    My range of motion was limited after surgery and had to have pt for several months. Realized that I need to continue doing the exercises

  34. Lynda E says:

    I work on range of motion every day with disabled adults.

  35. Lauren Johnson says:

    My grandad is going through physical therapy now after he fell and hurt his shoulder. He’s supposed to do his range of motion exercises every day… but he’s kinda stubborn. Naturally, his recovery is slow.

  36. Wendy T says:

    My son’s range of motion was recently limited so much that he was not able to keep up with his swimming. His coach kept him out of the water and just on dry land workouts for almost two weeks. Luckily, he’s doing better now.

  37. Aliya D. says:

    I played many sports as a child and teen, sustained quite a few injuries, but the worst has been working at a computer in an office which has severely hindered my back, shoulder and neck healp. Its been a struggle, but after a lot of therapy, I am on my way to recovering the full range of motion capable by my body. Thanks!

  38. Sheila K. says:

    Because I am approaching my 60s, I try to complete a series of exercises each day to maintain the ROM of my legs, hips, arms, and back!

  39. Sammi says:

    I don’t know too much about it, but I’m glad this site can help people with range of motion problems – it’s a great reference

  40. Greg Zimmerman says:

    When I broke my neck at 18, I had to wear a halo for about 3 months. After that was removed, I went through a huge amount of therapy to regain my range of motion and be able to turn my head with full range again.

  41. Molly says:

    It is a really good idea to do range of motion exercises everyday, especially as you get older!

    moroney327 AT yahoo DOT com

  42. wendy wallach says:

    since my car accident my range of motion in my shoulder has been severely limited

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  43. robert hogan says:

    After my rotator cuff surgery I never fully regained my range of motion

  44. Amy says:

    I’m a runner, and always looking to improve my range of motion through yoga.

  45. Erica C. says:

    The range of motion in my ankles has been bad for years now after playing soccer for so long. Physical therapy has been a big help though.

  46. MR says:

    After a displaced tibial plateau surgery my rom was bad, but it was due to the metal being to large, after surgery to remove I was on my way to participating in an Ironman triathlon. I do think doing the rom exercises everyday helped, but I was a very fit individual before my injury.

  47. suzipitts says:

    What a remarkable recovery!Good going.

  48. suzipitts says:

    So glad that your ankle rom is better.

  49. suzipitts says:

    I love yoga, too. Keepin attacking that rom- so key!

  50. suzipitts says:

    So sorry that your shoulder rom is still limited. Ask your doctor about a home stretching routine with a Shoulder Dynasplint to help regain your rom. http://www.dynasplint.com/joints/shoulder/

  51. suzipitts says:

    So sorry about your shoulder. Ask your doctor about a Shoulder Dynasplint to help regain your rom. http://www.dynasplint.com/joints/shoulder/

  52. suzipitts says:

    We agree!

  53. suzipitts says:

    So glad you are doing so well after such a hard injury! Stay well.

  54. suzipitts says:

    Thank you for the kind words!

  55. suzipitts says:

    Your work out routine is such a great idea. (60 is fast approching for me as well and I want to play on the floor with my grandbabies!)

  56. suzipitts says:

    I agree with you. Sitting at the computer for long hours each day can certainly make you stiff. I try to take walk-about breaks evry hours or two. Keep working on that rom.

  57. suzipitts says:

    Hi Wendy, Keep making sure that your son is stretching well every day! Hope he has a great season.

  58. suzipitts says:

    I am sorry that your grandad has had such a hard time with his soulder motion. Perhaps he should ask his doctor about a Shoulder Dynasplint to help regain his rom. http://www.dynasplint.com/joints/shoulder/

  59. suzipitts says:

    Thank you so much for your work with disabled adults.

  60. suzipitts says:

    Bingo! Get back to the business of getting your stretch on!!

  61. suzipitts says:

    HI Cynthia, True story about getting your rom back asap!

  62. suzipitts says:

    HI Nancey, Hope you are doing well. During an RA flare up, it can be painful. We actually help alot of patients with RA. Ask your doctor about a program of home stretching with http://www.Dynasplint.com

  63. suzipitts says:

    Go for it!

  64. suzipitts says:

    ROM exercises ARE so important. We agree!

  65. suzipitts says:

    Stretch and work on that ROM! Thanks for entering the giveaway.

  66. suzipitts says:

    We hope your rom is getting there in your knee and ankle! We are always here to help at http://www.dynasplint.com/joints/knee/ and http://www.dynasplint.com/joints/ankle/ if those last degrees are hard to get.

  67. suzipitts says:

    Thanks for stopping by!

  68. suzipitts says:

    Thanks for reading our post. Stay well!

  69. suzipitts says:

    Dear Sam, Do you think that snazzy bag will help get your rom back? I know one thing for sure, you will look cool trying!

  70. suzipitts says:

    HI Theresa, ROM excersises are key! You are correct.

  71. suzipitts says:

    Hi Tracy, Thanks for entering. Good luck.

  72. suzipitts says:

    Hi there! ROM CAN be improved through PT! You are correct.

  73. suzipitts says:

    Hi Melanie, I hope your mom is doing well. We wish her the best!

  74. suzipitts says:

    Wow! Those are some sad knees. I hope the whole family is stretching daily and under a doc or PT’s care. Ask about a home stretching program with this: http://www.dynasplint.com/joints/knee/

  75. suzipitts says:

    Hi Christine, I am sorry to hear about your husband’s stiff shoulder. Perhap he should consult with his doctor about a home stretch using http://www.dynasplint.com/joints/shoulder/

  76. suzipitts says:

    Hi Christine, So sorry to hear about your stiff knee. Perhaps you should check with your doc abouyt a home stertching program with http://www.dynasplint.com/joints/knee/ Be well!

  77. Christina says:

    My husband has trouble with his ankle’s range of motion. I think he needs a Dynasplint.

  78. suzipitts says:

    Dear Christina, I am sorry to hear about your husband’s ankle stiffness. Please have a look at our Ankle Dorsiflexion Dynasplint and ask your doctor if a home stretching program would be helpful. http://www.dynasplint.com/joints/ankle/

  79. gail says:

    Range of motion is a terrible thing to have trouble with.

  80. Daniel M says:

    i need to regain the range of motion in my knee, bad weather upsets it

  81. Janet N says:

    BF is doing PT to regain his range of motion in his arm. It’s been a long drawn out process.

  82. Kelly D says:

    My knee loses it’s range of motion at times, it’s the first joint I’ve had that has given me a problem.

  83. suzipitts says:

    Hi Janet, I hope he is doing well in his rehab!
    Gaining ROM after an injury can be long. Check out http://www.dynasplint.com/joints/elbow/ and see if his doctor wouldn’t want to have him stretch at home. Good luck!

  84. suzipitts says:

    HI Daniel, If you are still lacking range of motion in your knee, take a look at http://www.dynasplint.com/joints/knee/ and ask your doctor about stretching at home! Good luck to you.

  85. Mechele Johnson says:

    Very imformative article about Range of Motion. I am trying not to be a hypochondriac, but it almost sounds like that may be what is going on with me…

  86. Rhonda Mason says:

    I’m plagued with knee pain, especially when climbing stairs or standing. Now I wonder if this is a range of motion problem.

  87. Amy says:

    Great bag! Thanks for the giveaway. I would LOVE one to haul my stuff to the gym. Range of motion…

  88. Brad says:

    I would like to improve my range of motion. I’d also like to win the backpack!

  89. Dawn Dixon says:

    We give these out to lot of our patients and they work great

  90. Shea Balentine says:

    Range of motion is very painful and takes a lot of work to get the problem under control

  91. ♡♥♬ Louis ♬♥♡ says:

    it seems that I am gradually loosing range of motion in both ankles

  92. brandi marcy says:

    range of motion is very important

  93. April says:

    Stretching helps improve range of motion.

  94. susan varney says:

    Let a doctor know if gentle range of motion exercises cause pain

  95. Marianna says:

    As a nurse, I’m frequently helping my patients complete and learn range of motion exercises

  96. jamie says:

    I’ve had two friends that had knee surgery and Dynasplint knee systems were instrumental in regaining their range of motion

  97. MelissaO says:

    I can so feel my range of motion getting limited from lifting weights, so I try to do lots of yoga to counterbalance it!

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  98. Stephanie says:

    I had to help my mother in law regain range of motion, after she had surgery.

  99. andrea says:

    after surgery on my wrist, i’ve lost most of the range of motion 🙁

  100. Wendy says:

    I’ve thought about this a lot lately. I have Pernicious Anemia which went undiagnosed for many years (because it is traditionally a disease of age 60+ and the doctors didn’t test properly because I am younger) until I started to experience nerve damage. Now I have problems with my ankles, shoulders, elbows and my hips the most. The pain and being uncoordinated keep me from exercising and improving range of motion. It seems like a catch 22… like exercise would help, but I am unsure anymore.

  101. Leanne says:

    I wish my range of motion in my neck would be much better.

  102. amie d says:

    Thank you for all of the tips for me to try to help with my range of motion! Great post and giveaway, thanks!

  103. Kristin Zayak says:

    I fractured my elbow and lost quite a bit of my range of motion! I feel ya! Hope everything gets better.

  104. Thank you for submitting your giveaway to my contest directory! As someone who is currently experiencing a limited range of motion while recovering from two dislocated patella, the topic of your site is definitely on point to my situation! Off to read more!

  105. erma H says:

    I have never had a range of motion injury.

  106. Jill L says:

    Exercise would definitely help me get my full range of motion back.

  107. Timothy Chalfant says:

    I have a knee injury and wouldn’t believe how much of a impact limited “range of motion” is!!!

  108. suzipitts says:

    Thanks for dropping by, Jill!

  109. suzipitts says:

    Hi Timothy, We hope you knee range of motion is improving daily. If you are still struggling achieving full extension or flexion (bend) take a look at this and ask your doctor if a HOME STRETCHING SPLINT IS RIGHT FOR YOU. STRETCHING IS ALWAYS GOOD! http://www.dynasplint.com/joints/knee/

  110. suzipitts says:

    Hi Erma, Stay well, my friend!

  111. suzipitts says:

    Hi there! If your knee is actually stiff stiff and limited in either extension or flexion, please ask your doctor about a home stretching splint http://www.dynasplint.com/joints/knee/

  112. suzipitts says:

    Hi Kristen, I hope you have gotten all of your range of motion back in your elbow. If you are still lacking the ability to totally straighten or bend it , OR turn your wrist with your palm up or down, then ask your doctor about a home stretching program with http://www.dynasplint.com/joints/elbow/ for the elbow, and this http://www.dynasplint.com/joints/forearm/ for your wrist motion.

  113. suzipitts says:

    Thanks for dropping by, Amie!

  114. suzipitts says:

    Dear Leanne, I hope your neck is feeling better each day. Check in with your doctor or therapist and keep trying to regain that range!

  115. suzipitts says:

    Hi Andrea, Ask your doctor if a home stretching program is right for your wrist. Stretching is always GOOD! http://www.dynasplint.com/joints/wrist/

  116. suzipitts says:

    Hi Stephanie, So glad you were able to help your mother in law. You are a great daughter in law!

  117. suzipitts says:

    Hi Melissa,
    Great job on staying with a stretching routine. Enjoy your yoga!

  118. suzipitts says:

    Hi Jamie, Yay for the Knee Dynasplint Systems! I am so glad that we were able to help 2 of your frinds post-operatively. We love success stories. Thanks for sharing.

  119. suzipitts says:

    Hi Marianna, Nurses get a special place in heaven 😉 Thanks for all you do for your patients.

  120. suzipitts says:

    Hi Susan, You are correct. Always check with your doctor and listen to your body!

  121. suzipitts says:

    April, You are correct! A+ on ROM for you.

  122. suzipitts says:

    Hi Brandi, Gold star for you! ROM is very important.

  123. suzipitts says:

    Hi Louis, Losing your range of motion in your ankles is no laughing matter. Please get checked out by your doc and ask if a home stretching splint is right for you. http://www.dynasplint.com/joints/ankle/

  124. Levi Banton says:

    I have a knee injury and my range of motion sucks

  125. suzipitts says:

    Hi Shea, Sometimes recovering range of motion can be very hard and prolonged work, but it should not be painful. Stay well!

  126. Holly C. says:

    I enjoyed reading about Range of Motion. I hurt my knee skiing years ago and my doctor showed me exercises that really helped. I work out a lot and now and make stretching before and after workouts a daily habit.

  127. suzipitts says:

    Hi Holly, You sound like you are doing a great job keeping that knee sound. I hope you get great snow and are out on the slopes doing what you love soon!

  128. suzipitts says:

    Well, Levi- you know what I think? I think that you should ask your doc or therapist about a Knee Dynasplint System that you can wear at home while you are resting- watching TV or sleeping, etc. Stretching is always good! http://www.dynasplint.com/joints/knee/

  129. suzipitts says:

    Hi Dawn, I am so delighted that you are using Dynasplint Systems in your practice/clinc. We love to see patients regain their range faster, comfortably and safely! Thanks for all you do !

  130. suzipitts says:

    Hi Brad, Thanks for entering. Good luck!

  131. suzipitts says:

    Hi Amy, Good luck on the giveaway and have a good workout!

  132. suzipitts says:

    Hi Rhonda, I would check in with your doctor. Living with knee pain is not the way it ought to be.

  133. suzipitts says:

    Hi there! I know what you mean about reading a medical article and wondering if that’s true with you. I do that too!! Stay well!

  134. suzipitts says:

    Hi Kelly, I would have your doc take a look at your knee if the instability persists. Better safe than sorry and perhap you can get better function than you have now.

  135. suzipitts says:

    Hi Gail, Stay fit!

  136. suzipitts says:

    That’s the ticket!

  137. suzipitts says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Eva.

  138. suzipitts says:

    Hi Jen, You are in. Good luck.

  139. suzipitts says:

    Good job, Mary!

  140. suzipitts says:

    Good luck, Tina!

  141. suzipitts says:

    Hi Serena, I hope you stick to your new workout and health plan. Stay well and good luck!

  142. suzipitts says:

    Hi Marlene, If you have stiff knees, see your doc and ask about a home stretching program with this http://www.dynasplint.com/joints/knee/

  143. suzipitts says:

    Hi Jennifer, Great job with your shoulder rehab. I am so glad you are doing so well.

  144. suzipitts says:

    Thank you, Renee. Good luck!

  145. suzipitts says:

    Yay, Rebecca! Stay fit.

  146. suzipitts says:

    Hi Polly! I hope your son is doing well and has full range of motion in his knees!

  147. suzipitts says:

    Dear Mistee Dawn, Thanks for stopping by. You have a very creative name!

  148. suzipitts says:

    Hi Andrew, It sounds like you have a great system! Stay fit, and thanks for dropping by!

  149. suzipitts says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Wanda, and your good thoughts. Good luck!

  150. suzipitts says:

    Hi Shannon, I hope are feeling more flexable and comfortable soon. If you are really concerned, make an appointment with your doc or therapist to get some stretching program started!

  151. suzipitts says:

    Hi Marie, I hope your shoulder rom is great and you have full and pain free function!

  152. suzipitts says:

    Hi Debbie, What a good and encouraging friend you are. Let your friend know we are here to help with ROM therapy post-operatively if her doc thinks its appropos! http://www.dynasplint.com/joints/knee/

  153. suzipitts says:

    Thanks for entering, Debbie. Recovering ROM is key!

  154. suzipitts says:

    Tim- you are correct! Getting on ROM therapy as soon as a doc allows it is key!

  155. katherine d. says:

    I had knee surgery done on my left knee when I was 15 (due to a cheerleading accident) and I have never been able to get back to my original range of motion

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  156. andrea says:

    I would love this for my dad who just had shoulder surgery and will be in rehab to get back his “range of motion” .

  157. elven johnson says:

    I have never had a range of motion injury.

  158. Carl Herzog says:

    I have some range of motion problems, but they were caused bu a stroke. My mother had & sister both have range of motion problems caused by broken hips. The information in this article is interesting.

  159. Linda Alsdorf says:

    More range of motion equals less pain!

  160. Carol D says:

    My range of motion in my arms has definitely lessened with age

  161. kathy pease says:

    im worried about my sons range of motion he plays a lot of basketball and just hurt his knee

  162. suzipitts says:

    Hi Kathy, I hope your son’s knee is feeling better!

  163. suzipitts says:

    Hi Carol, It is so important to stretch daily, especially as we age!

  164. suzipitts says:

    Hi Linda, More ROM makes everything feel better! Stay well.

  165. suzipitts says:

    Hi Carl, Here’s hoping you are coming along beautifully after your stroke. I hope your mother and sister are healing as well!

  166. suzipitts says:

    Lucky you!

  167. suzipitts says:

    Hi Andrea, Here is the link for the Dynasplint Shoulder Sytem to take to his doc: http://www.dynasplint.com/joints/shoulder/ I hope he is doing well.

  168. suzipitts says:

    Hi! So sorry your knee is still bothering you. Keep stretching the best that you can each day!

  169. Marci says:

    Hubby had surgery on his knee a couple of years and it’s still bad. Another Dr (one I trust) told him to give up softball due to his knee not having the range of motion it needs. But his back is messed up too. So I think they both contribute to the problem.

  170. suzipitts says:

    Hi Marci, So sorry about your husband’s woes. Injuries are hard, and giving up sports is harder!

  171. Jack Palmer says:

    As you get older the range of motion of your joints becomes more and more critical.

  172. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

    My range of motion has definitely changed through the years
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  173. Roxanna A says:

    More range of motion the better!

  174. Samantha Leach says:

    My range of motion was limited with an elbow dislocation several years ago!Thankfully,it didn’t last long!

  175. suzipitts says:

    Hi Samantha, So glad your elbow ROM is back!

  176. suzipitts says:

    Hi Roxanna, We agree that the more ROM, the better!

  177. suzipitts says:

    Thanks for dropping in, Valerie!

  178. suzipitts says:

    Hi Jack, Truer words were never spoken!

  179. Donna C says:

    range of motion is limited but getting better.

  180. Dyandra Rayos says:

    My range of motion was limited after I had knee surgery but I’m working hard to regain full range of motion so I can hike those Alaskan mountains again this summer. Also my range of motion has increased greatly since losing 80lbs….still have a ways to go but I’m working hard!!


  181. Russell Moore says:

    The range of motion in all my joints, but especially my knees, and neck has dramatically improved since I lost 60 lbs.

  182. jonna richison says:

    range of motion is mentioned.

  183. julieh says:

    Range of motion is very important in exercising properly.

  184. Timmy says:

    I have great “Range of Motion”…I can actually use a backpack!

  185. Richard Hicks says:

    My range of motion can use a good deal of improvement. Gets worse as I get older

  186. Becky A says:

    My range of motion in my elbow GREATLY improved with some tips from my friend who is an Occupational Therapist. Still not 100%, but working on it!

  187. Maegan Morin says:

    I’m glad that I have a full range of motion of all my parts 😀

  188. Kayla says:

    My range of motion on my knees are limited after a football injury.

  189. Holly Norris says:

    My son plays baseball. I’m afraid he will have limited range of motion when he gets older due to pitching.

    mommync3 at yahoo dot com

  190. meme says:

    I have a huge range of motion loss in both of my feet becuase of Plantars Fasciitis and heel spurs

  191. Elizabeth Berg wrote a wonderful novel called Range of Motion.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  192. Christina says:

    My range of motion was affected in a knee injury, so I was happy to read this article and get more information.

  193. Tonya Dean says:

    Thankfully I haven’t had any range of motion problems since I was a teenager. I cracked and dislocated my tailbone and took forever to heal.


  194. CATHIE says:


  195. alissa says:

    The more range of motion, the better!

  196. debbi says:

    I really learned a lot about range of motion and different methods to regain ROM by reading this article. Thank you!

  197. peter walsh says:

    my range of motion is very important for work, and work outs.

  198. Michelle M says:

    Working out increases my range of motion. Thank you.

  199. Danielle Oyen says:

    I worked with a physical therapist on my knee and its range of motion. I still have problems with it clicking with a use steps and if I sit too long my calf will swell up, like the circulation is cut off from the knee. HUMM!!

  200. Debra P says:

    I have problem with the range of motion in my right shoulder. The left is fine though.

  201. Gianna says:

    It’s possible to recover slowly from range of motion.

  202. Gail Murray says:

    I’ve had knee surgery and my range of motin has never been as good as it used to be it didn’t help that I favored the knee for so long my hip is not having problems. Just keep hoping and streching.

  203. Donna K says:

    Exercixe will help your range of motion.

  204. Donna K says:

    I meant “exercise”.

  205. Veronica Garrett says:

    Range of motion (ROM) can be regained after injury by exercise.

  206. Amy W. says:

    My daughter is trying to regain her range of motion right now after having a broken foot.

  207. Stacey L says:

    Excerise will help increase range of motion

  208. lacey says:

    I have went through a knee surgery. This product sounds fantasitc.

  209. lacey says:

    Stretching and yoga help range of motion.

  210. mary jacobowitz says:

    I am working on improving my range of motion with a personal trainer.I had a total knee replacement on my right knee.

  211. Erinn Sluka says:

    Range of Motion is helped by exercise and sometimes joint supplements

  212. suzipitts says:

    Thanks for entering, Erin.

  213. suzipitts says:

    Hi Mary, I hope your knee range of motion is improving each day. I cannot begin to tell you how many patients who have had TKR that we have helped with this: http://www.dynasplint.com/joints/knee/ . Are you lacking extension or flexion?

  214. suzipitts says:

    Hi Lacey, I love yoga too. I have had a frozen shoulder and my hot yoga practice has really given me much more motion and prevented re-freezing. Stay fit!

  215. suzipitts says:

    Hi Lacey, I hope your knee is recovering well and that your range improves daily. Here is the link for what many doctors prescribe for their patients who lack ROM: http://www.dynasplint.com/joints/knee/

  216. Pam Sims says:

    Range of Motion can be improved by doing exercises at home. I think when my daughter had an incident with range of motion problems she seem to benefit from physical therapy and also home exercises to be done.

  217. John Joseph says:

    I am hoping to improve my range of motion with excercise and healthy routines so thank you for the info

  218. suzipitts says:

    Thanks for dropping by, John.

  219. suzipitts says:

    Wonderful, Pam! Hope your daughter is doing great.

  220. beth says:

    I want to improve my range of motion with yoga

  221. suzipitts says:

    Hi Mary,
    I hope your knee ROM increases each day. Ask your doc or therapist about http://www.dynasplint.com/joints/knee/ if you are not getting the extension or flexion you need. Keep working!

  222. Woodie Evans says:

    I regained my range of motion in a little less than 2 weeks after I had my left meniscus removed 2 months ago.

  223. phxbne says:

    joint supplements may help Range of Motion

  224. DanV says:

    I want greater range of motion on my walks

  225. Tammy Greer says:

    Range of Motion can be gained by movement. I like using yoga and walking to maintain my ROM.

  226. heather c says:

    I think the range of motion of my knee has been reduced with age! Ack!

  227. james lee says:

    I have to improve my range of motion

  228. suzipitts says:

    Congtaulations, Andrea! You won the Under Armor backpack. Please send your mailing address and phone number and I will ship your prize!

  229. Cheryl says:

    I think my wii fit yoga has helped my range of motion.

  230. Dorothy7 says:

    I need a better Range of Motion

  231. Claire says:

    Stretching can improve my range of motion!

  232. Amanda says:

    I want to improve my range of motion!! Exercise and the gym will be perfect with this backpack.

  233. Norma hartwell says:

    I do range of motion exercises on my daughter for her do.

  234. Lindsay P. says:

    My range of motion will be far greater after I walk the Camino de Santiago with this backpack.

  235. Sharon says:

    When I was in high school, I volunteered at a hospital in the PT dept. I saw the acronym PROM and was sure it wasn’t referring to the prom dance that we go to in high school, but had to ask what it meant to find out that it stood for passive range of motion.

  236. suzipitts says:

    Loved your comment!

  237. Amber Cauley says:

    My range of motion will be to starting take stairs instead of elevator.

  238. Thomas says:

    I was in the hospital for an extended amount of time and my physical therapist made sure I improved my range of motion.

  239. Katie says:

    I took about 6 months off from the gym, now that I’m getting back into the routine i notice my range of motion is not as great as when I mid training

  240. Joy F says:

    I exericse to keep my range of motion in good shape.

  241. Joni Owada says:

    My sons range of motion is limited due to an injury, and we are working on getting it better slowly and steadily.

  242. I don’t know what happened to my range of motion as my 30s are quickly disappearing, but I plan to find it again before 40 sneaks up on me!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  243. REH says:

    I am recovering from a displaced tibial plateau fracture. I had surgery on 9/24/12. I started physical therapy in Dec. My range of motion has improved, but I’ve got a long way to go. I can’t believe how severe this injury has been. My doctor said it will be 18 months for a recovery.

  244. Mitch says:

    I was just diagnosed with tibial plateau and not even sure if I am suppossed to be bending my knee, since I am on crutches. Not suppossed to have surgery so hoping I don’t lose my range of motion.

  245. Ashley Mathers says:

    Hi Mitch, Did you ask your DR about getting a Dynasplint to keep your range of motion?

  246. conrad mendosa says:

    I was in a car accident feb 12 and I broke my tibia plateau (among other injuries) and I’ve been having a hard time dealing with drs and insurance and I couldn’t even make appointments for a while. I was just wondering when I’ll be able to bend my knee and have full range of motion? Also how long does recovery usually take? I have 12 screws and a plate I Aldo br

  247. conrad mendosa says:

    I’m on my phone and pressed post comment early lol
    I also broke my heel idk if that will affect recovery time. Right now I’m waiting to get new insurance so I can even see a Dr. Can I visit a surgical services anywhere without insurance? I could at my last one. But I had to move to Sacramento to stay with family because I couldn’t make appointments before and I don’t have insurance to get a primary Dr to change my stuff over to this area yet.

  248. Samantha! says:

    Accident 2-25-13, surgery. 3-1-13. (Tibia/fibula patella
    Fracture, Orif ) split cast 1 week, Velcro splint( with 30 degree flexion) n ( -10 extension). Toe touch only . Right knee super stiff. Worried about therapy. I’m able to extend my lower leg standing not sitting , knee too stiff. Able to flex and extend and roll my (r) foot. Flex my thigh muscle a Tad. Unsure about therapy. I know the real pain is coming to loosen up my knee to bend at full capacity. Any helpful info will b appreciate. Thanks

  249. Ashley Mathers says:

    Hi Samantha,
    It seems like our Knee Dynasplint could be the right adjunct to therapy to get you on your way to full range of motion. Do you have a prescription for a Dynasplint from your doctor?

  250. I am spending my summer vacation on crutches due to a TPF. I am working on ROM daily to get out of this brace and off of these sticks before I begin teaching my first graders in a few weeks. The under Armour backpack would look much nicer than the recycleable grocery bag I have hanging around my neck! Starting up with my trainer on Monday, cast, crutches and all! I have a hard time being sedentary! Thanks for the article and chance to retire my grocery bag!

  251. karri lewis says:

    I had the tibial plateaus surgery about a month ago, i am still in alot of pain, i have the plate and screws in my leg as well, when i went to my Dr appointment he told me to try to get my leg straight, like if standing on crutches he wants both of my feet straight down on the ground, i have really been working on this but as far as bending my knee is seems impossible, can someone please tell me some exercises i can do to loosen my knee up please,,, Thank you

  252. Patricia Bagley says:

    I broke my tibial plateau June 1st 2013-had surgary to place 2 screws in tibial plateau. No weight bearing until mid September. To let you all know-there is extreme FOOT pain from no use for almost 3 months-both feet hurt upon walking with a walker. There will be foot pain for a month at least and stiff and sore knees. This is not an easy break and will take a long time to heal. I don’t know how long as it is still healing.

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