New Therapy Might Help Relieve Painful Foot Condition- A great read!

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We interrupt this week’s focus on bunions to bring this article on plantar fasciitis treatment. As I read each day’s orthopedic news and sports injury reports, I have been hearing more and more about “platelet-rich plasma therapy” to help the hard to treat orthopedic cases where conventional treatments have not produced long lasting results. In […]


Dr. Christopher Menke on Bunionectomy Surgery

We had the great pleasure of flying to Atlanta to visit with Christopher Menke, DPM, FACFAS of the Ankle & Foot Centers of Georgia. We asked him to tell our readers from start to finish what they might expect when facing bunionectomy surgery.  So-take care of those feet. It’s not scary, and when you are […]


Surviving Bunionectomy- Part 2!

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Thanks to our guest blogger who still desires to remain anonymous Before I knew it, my scheduled surgery, a Chevron Bunionectomy,  was here. I am very blessed to live close by to my parents, so I was able to “move home” for a week for my recovery. Here is what I remember from surgery day: Got […]


Surviving Bunionectomy – A Patient’s True Story

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Thanks to our guest blogger who desires to remain anonymous I am very bad at several things: enjoying cilantro, parallel parking to the left, and spelling the word surprise. I am very good at many other things: singing Disney princess songs in French (ce rêve bleu!) and wearing very, very high heels. Though I measure in at […]


Bunion Myths and Facts To Know

Bunion Correction

Thanks to today’s guest blogger, Todd Domangue, MBA/HCM Bunions are considered to be one of the most commonly treated forefoot ailments. There are various myths to the cause of bunions, but most research supports that bunions are actually a byproduct of genetics. Women tend to have this condition more than their male counterparts. That said, there […]