Aquatic therapy soon after TKA improves outcomes – great read!

Article Share Today: Aquatic therapy soon after TKA improves outcomes (excerpt from Ortho Super Site) Starting aquatic therapy 6 days after total knee arthroplasty can lead to improved results, according to a study published in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. The same study also found that delaying the onset of aquatic therapy for [...]


Hope for the Voit Boys – A Great Deed

The Voit Boys

Meet three boys–Johnny(16), Stephen(13), and Christopher(3)who have been through more emotional nightmares than anyone can imagine. John Voit (their father) lost his job due to medical conditions, and that is when their troubles began. Between the complications of medication and overwhelming stress, John had become terribly depressed. In March of 2011, he tragically took his own life leaving behind [...]


Tibial Plateau Fracture & the ROM Challenge


Thanks to today’s guest blogger, Neal Church, PT As a physical therapist, I love a challenge. One of my most formidable challenges is patients with tibial plateau fractures. Tibial plateau fractures are one of the most frustrating injuries for patients because it is such a long-drawn-out process. These fractures occur at the top of the tibia, or [...]


Stretching for Plantar Fasciitis- It’s Giveaway day!!

It’s time for an update on the saga of my left foot. I have been very intentional about using all of the weapons in my arsenal and I am making serious strides (foot humor again) towards being out of pain. I have a couple of videos to share on stretching for plantar fasciitis relief. This [...]


Wrist and Arm Fracture-Can the Brain Make Righties Better Lefties?


Article share today:  Broken Arm Can Reorganize Brain   by Crystal Phend, Senior Staff Writer, MedPage Today (January 16, 2012) Getting a cast or splint causes the brain to rapidly shift its resources to make righties function better as lefties, researchers found. Right-handed individuals whose dominant arm had to be immobilized after an injury showed a [...]