Tibial Plateau Fracture & the ROM Challenge

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Thanks to today’s guest blogger, Neal Church, PT As a physical therapist, I love a challenge. One of my most formidable challenges is patients with tibial plateau fractures. Tibial plateau fractures are one of the most frustrating injuries for patients because it is such a long-drawn-out process. These fractures occur at the top of the tibia, or [...]


Stretching for Plantar Fasciitis- It’s Giveaway day!!

It’s time for an update on the saga of my left foot. I have been very intentional about using all of the weapons in my arsenal and I am making serious strides (foot humor again) towards being out of pain. I have a couple of videos to share on stretching for plantar fasciitis relief. This [...]


Wrist and Arm Fracture-Can the Brain Make Righties Better Lefties?


Article share today:  Broken Arm Can Reorganize Brain   by Crystal Phend, Senior Staff Writer, MedPage Today (January 16, 2012) Getting a cast or splint causes the brain to rapidly shift its resources to make righties function better as lefties, researchers found. Right-handed individuals whose dominant arm had to be immobilized after an injury showed a [...]


Shoulder Rehabilitation-Getting Out Of a World of Hurt & Blues

blue monday

Yesterday, January 23, 2012 was “Blue Monday.” The last Monday of a full week in January is called the most depressing day of the year. It’s a (pseudo) scientific fact and looks like this:   Weather=W, Debt=d, Time since Christmas=T, Time since failing our new year’s resolutions=Q, Low motivational levels=M and the feeling of a [...]


The Global Soap Project- A Squeaky Clean Great Deed!

Good Team

A 30 Great Years-30 Great Deeds Update: Team Billie Good and her Atlanta and South-East Florida Dynasplint sales consultants gathered recently to volunteer for the Global Soap Project. The Global Soap Project recovers and recycles soap from American hotels and facilitates a process by which it is sanitized, melted and remolded into new bars, and [...]