Adventures in Blogging- Getting Found MW8B89YTKYHH

File this under “you can teach an old dog new tricks with Google.” You can Google anything if you just ask right. I used to think you could only Google 1 or 2 words to find your object or answer. No longer. These days, I am much more conversational with my friendly search engine. For [...]


Let’s Hear It for the APTA – A Friend of the Forces

On Tuesday, Jan. 10th, the APTA attended the launch of a new Joining Forces initiative aimed at increasing the involvement of health care associations and the providers they represent in the identification of traumatic brain injury, posttraumatic stress disorder, and post-combat depression in military members. The initiative partners the health care community with federal agencies [...]


The Saga of My Left Foot- Part 1


My left foot is a mess. The right one is no champion, but is in much better shape than her sister on the left. I shall now list my 3… um. . . – “incidents and diagnosis” via the internet (I confess to being a Google doc. My daughter begs me to get off Web [...]


Great Deed Update from Jackson, Mississippi

Jones Coat Drive (800x572)

When Dynasplint Regional Sales Manager Louis Jones gathered his Sales Consultants for a team meeting, they arrived with a little extra luggage. After taking care of business first, they then reached out into the community. Oven a dozen warm coats had been gathered and were being donated to Matt’s House. This is an emergency shelter [...]


Elbow Dislocation- Ouch!

It happens in the blink of an eye. One moment you are walking down the street, and the next one you miss the step down from the curb and you’re tumbling forward. Instinct says, “Stretch out your arm and break the fall!” Result- face is saved and arm is hurt. Could be just a strain, [...]