A Little Chocolate, A Smaller Waistline??

With it being Valentine’s Day, it’s only appropriate to talk about all the chocolate and heart-shaped candies that are going to be consumed today.  And boy do I love chocolate, I mean really love it and the more chocolate the better. The good news is that chocolate is actually good for us! Keep in mind, not all chocolate is created equal. Dark chocolate reigns far superior with amazing health benefits over milk and white chocolate. Fortunately for me, dark chocolate is my favorite. By eating a few ounces of dark chocolate each day, it can satisfy cravings for sugar and sweets leading us to eat less sugar throughout the day, thus, achieving a better diet and smaller waistline!

It’s important to look for dark chocolate with a 70% or greater of cocoa content to reap the health benefits of lowering your risk of a heart disease and stroke.  Chocolate has such a long list of health benefits that Dr Oz refers to cocoa having “super powers”! On the list are: Flavanoids -helping to fights off diseases, lowering blood pressure, skin softener from all the antioxidants that work on repairing damaged skin and mood booster….need I say more?!

So when your sweetheart gave you that GIANT chocolate bar today, instead of fretting it adding to your waistline, go ahead and indulge knowing you’re doing something good for your health!

Still looking for a gift for that special someone? Here are some of my favorite chocolates:

  • Michel Cluizel, Noir De Cacao 72%
  • Dove, Silky Smooth Dark Chocolate
  • Endangered Species, Organic Dark Chocolate, 70%
  • Trader Joes, The Dark Chocolate Lovers Chocolate Bar, 85%


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