Let’s Talk Supination and Pronation

Sup-Pro–What?!  Exactly.  Supination and Pronation are the two directions in which our forearm moves.  An easy way to remember which direction is which is this:  when your arm is supinating you could actually hold some soup in your hand.
Now that we’ve cleared that up, the bottom line is that these are two directions that we really take for granted until we can’t do them anymore.Simple activities like opening a door, carrying a plate, starting a car, brushing our hair–these are all activities that are affected by limited range of motion in the forearm as a result of injury, surgery, or disease.  Not only can they be limited, but they can be painful or even impossible!

One of the many units that have successfully helped over a half-million people regain their range of motion is the Forearm Supination/Pronation Dynasplint System.

As with all of our units a wearing schedule will be developed to fit the patient’s needs and lifestyle.  So, help optimize your patients’ range of motion treatment and keep the gains between therapy visits by adding Dynasplint to the protocol!

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