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Getting Back to Our Core Mission!
Settlement Reached with Medicare and Department of Justice

"Though we felt very passionate about our legal position in this matter, continuing to litigate would have further distracted us from our core mission:  to provide the most innovative durable medical products to aid in restoring physical function and quality of life to our patients..." read the entire story here

Dynasplint is Rebuilding!
Have fun and enjoy making a difference in someone's life
through your work.
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Outside sales and Maryland office positions are available.

Regain Range of Motion up to 53% Faster with Dynasplint

Dynasplint® Systems stretch joints that are lacking range of motion. If you have an injury and have been immobilized, you know what joint stiffness feels like and how it restricts you. Whether a fall has resulted in a Colles Fracture, or range of motion recovery from surgery like a bunionectomy or a total knee replacement is needed, or perhaps there has been a neurological incident like a brain stem injury or stroke and normalizing tone, managing contracture and gaining range of motion for the future is an issue- Dynasplint® Systems can help.

Being stretched at physical therapy appointments is great, but have you ever wished you could take the therapist home with you to continue the progress? Perhaps you have searched for rehabilitation equipment in the past. Dynasplint® Systems have a spring-loaded tensioning device that works just like your therapist's two hands. This isn’t your typical home physical therapy equipment - The Dynasplint® System employs a low-load, prolonged-duration stretch to constantly stretch at your end range of motion for a permanent change.
 Get moving again!

Explore this site to find out how Dynasplint® Systems can help restore physical function to joints, and restore your quality of life - the way it ought to be.

The Diverse Divisions of Dynasplint SysteAnatomy Manms

Remember the childhood song, "...head and shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes...?"  Shoulders, knees and toes are just some of the joints that Dynasplint Systems cover!  

We have a Dynasplint System for the jaw, shoulder, elbow, forearm, wrist, hand, finger, knee, ankle, and toe--not to mention the numerous fitting possibilities.  We accommodate infant, pediatric and adult patients of all sizes, both in the Orthopedic and Neurologic populations.   Our diversity doesn't stop there--we can also assist our furry, four-legged friends with the expertise provided by our Veterinary Division.

Also remember, patients near and far can reap the benefits of our units.  We have a Direct Shipment Division that can dress, ship and assist with unit fitting and follow-ups over the phone!  Reach them at directship@dynasplint.com and they can reach you!

Types of Splints

Dynasplint® Cares

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